Max Kretschmer.

Games     85

Runs       1068

Fifties      3

Wickets   4



Max was born in Nambour and first came to Yandina in 1946. He started playing in 1956 for Yandina B grade as a wicket keeper at 18 years old. His playing career lasted 19 years until he stopped playing due to the demands of running his boys around to their cricket games.


Max worked as a “railway porter” all his working life until he retired 3 years ago when his gammy knee made it impossible to continue to work. This event has been fortunate for the club, as he has become the tireless handy man and worker for the club. He still does the field mowing and usually attends every weekend to watch one of his boys who still play.


He married Joy in 1960 and had 3 boys, Robert, Mark and Kevin. He played with Joy’s father, Frank and Joy’s brother Phil Bisby. He usually batted at number 6 or 7 and his highest score was 56 not out.


His best recollection was a game against Caloundra at Caloundra. Caloundra batted first and got about 65. Yandina got about 85 and then Caloundra started their second innings. By the close of play they were about 6 for 12 and required 8 runs to get past Yandina’s score. Next week they were bowled out 2 runs short of Yandina’s first innings. Caloundra apologised for bringing Yandina all the way for half an hours cricket, in those days, it was a major trip to Caloundra. The guys then retired to the pub and presented Caloundra with a bat with a hole in it.


A Happy and active member who attends most Saturdays to watch his boys and chat to fellow members. Max epitomizes the sort of  long term member which club’s are built on. Thank you Max for all the little things that make our club a better place to play.


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